Effective Sanitization and Disinfection: Vital Oxide

There is a distinct difference between simply cleaning surfaces and disinfecting them. While cleaning with water and soap may remove impurities and dirt on surfaces, it bearly kills any harmful germs. These are harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi, which can be extremely dangerous. Now more than ever, the value of disinfectants and sanitizers cannot be undermined.

The risk of infections has risen at an unprecedented rate globally, as new resistant and highly infectious bacteria and viruses are discovered. The use of disinfectants and sanitizers has however proved very effective in eliminating any chances of infection. These are chemical solutions that kill harmful pathogens like fungi, mold, bacteria, and viruses. For this reason, the majority of the population no longer settles for basic cleaning but goes to the next step of disinfecting their spaces.

Choosing the right sanitizer, mold killer or disinfectant can however be very tedious. From the hundreds of options in the market, which one guarantees reliability and efficiency? Some considerations to make to purchase the right disinfectant for household or commercial surfaces include the appropriateness of use and efficiency. Disinfectants come in different categories. While some may be appropriate for office surfaces, others will be appropriate for bathrooms. The strongest in the target category should be chosen.

Additionally, the safety of the ingredients should be assessed to avoid choosing hazardous products. The scent should also be evaluated since some products can have unbearable pungent smells. Finally, the cost should be checked, bearing in mind that high cost does not necessarily mean high quality. One outstanding product that has ticked all these boxes is Vital Oxide from Pathway Environmental, a renowned company in this industry.

Vital Oxide an EPA/Health Canada approved disinfectant cleaner, sanitizer, and mold killer, considered as the safest and most effective of its kind. This cleaner is the ultimate option for many. First, it does not only kill all mold, viruses, and bacteria, but it also gets rid of bad odors from smoke, septic systems, trash, and others, without having a pungent smell. Second, it is a non-corrosive chemical that is safe on the skin. This is because it is made of stabilized chlorine dioxide.

That said, the ingredients used in the product are not hazardous, and it has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hence the qualification as safe by EPA standards. In addition to this, Vital Oxide has a wide range of uses. From clinical use to household, and commercial, the cleaner is effective anywhere. It effective on surfaces, carpets, household items, upholstery, curtains, auto interiors name it!

Vital Oxide is also quite fast in killing harmful organisms, working in a matter of seconds. It has been proving to kill 99.9% of Salmonella, E. coli, fungi, bacteria, mildew, mold (up to 7 months), and many others. Moreover, it can be used as an allergen eliminator on mites, roaches, and pet dander. Last but not least, the cleaner has been proven effective in eliminating SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

To say that Vital Oxide from Pathway Environmental is the best disinfectant, sanitizer and mold killer simply sums it all. Hospitals, households, schools, and commercial facilities should not compromise when it comes to the health of the users therein. Choose Vital Oxide, choose good health!

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