Learn About The Shurangama Mantra

The Shurangama Mantra has been described as the ‘the efficacious language of Heaven and Earth’. If you’re not sure what ‘efficacious’ means, it’s loosely designed as something intangible being effective or capable of producing an intended result or desirable consequence. For instance, some medical experts might describe a certain vaccine as being ‘efficacious and safe’.

Having said that, the word can also mean ‘irresistible grace’ when in a religious context, which is what the Shurangama Mantra has to be taken in, given how crucial it is to the Buddhist traditions. In fact, many Buddhists believe this particular mantra to be the king over all other mantras, since no other mantra is as long or as crucial. The presumed power of the mantra is such that the blossom or destruction of Buddhism itself lays totally within this mantra, since it’s the phrases within that keep both heaven and earth from annihilation. So long as a single individual is able to recite this mantra, neither Buddhism nor nature can get destroyed, but if there isn’t anyone left to do it at all, then ‘Proper Dharma’ won’t be in place any longer, and the entire world will soon be destroyed.

Those who believe in this mantra are likely to believe that both supernatural evil beings and humans outside the faith might make claims that both the Shurangama Sutra and Mantra are false. There are even stories of these entities sending their children into the world to stir up rumors and talk that lure people away from their Shurangama beliefs, just reinforcing the notion that both are crucially vital to preserving the world at large.

Anyone following the Buddhist faith that regularly recites this mantra can expect to have serious blessings bestowed upon them and in many different ways. Not only will they enjoy protection from the demons and naysayers who seek to destroy and uproot this mantra, but they should also enjoy great health and prosperity, regardless of the circumstances or calamities that surround them in the physical world at the time.

Furthermore, as with many things in the Buddhist traditions and its many practices, following this mantra at the very least should help a soul truly develop and manifest into what it is supposed to be. Within this mantra lie multiple ‘dharmic’ paths, and the concept of ‘dharma’ is central to Buddhism.

Buddhism is not alone in its reverence for dharma, however, as other faiths, including the well-known Hinduism. Smaller religions (as measured by numbers of followers) that fall into this group include Sikhism and Jainism.

‘Dharma’ is hard to translate into the English language, but it can roughly mean truth/path/duty. Paths of self-realization, like Yoga or Buddhism, help practitioners connect to their genuine selves and spirit, more than just their physical bodies, so they can fulfill the dreams and purposes that bring them to life.

This particular mantra is one of the most advanced and most powerful means of attaining that level of self-realization for a truly fulfilling and wonderful existence in this world.

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